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Real deal folks.  Do NOT take your jewelry to a mall or brick and mortar store. At worst, they will lie.  At best, they will tell you what you want to hear and give you an appraisal or valuation which will *not* satisfy a judge, the IRS, or your insurance company.

Having done business with Mr. Turner twice, I have been pleased with his professionalism, knowledge and equipment.  He knows the retailers, buyers, and the cutting shops in this region. 

If you want appraisals which will stand up in court, see this gentleman.

   Brendan S.

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Most appraisals are accomplished “while you wait” during your private and confidential appointment. We operate a full Gem Laboratory; a secure environment with the honesty, integrity and comprehensive understanding that you need in a jewelry appraiser.

Accuracy, strict discretion and your trust are of the utmost importance to us.

Accuracy, strict discretion and your trust are most important to us. This commitment to our clients assures you that our services will meet the highest standards in the industry. Since 1985, our staff has been providing exceptional customer service to individuals, banks, attorneys, government agencies, the jewelry industry, as well as celebrity clients.