May 5, 2020... Open and operating.

Things are waking up!
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Certainly not "business as usual" but trying....

To Our Valued Friends and Clients:

Our clients, employees, families, and friends have always been our highest priority at Gemcorp. Since this pandemic reared its pervasive little head, we have taken every precaution necessary to maintain a safe business environment: one on one clients only, time between each client to disinfect the office, and limited business hours.  Certainly not “business as usual”, but doing our best to meet the needs of our clients. Some of those needs are “high priority”.  People are still needing asset valuations for mortgages they have applied for, new and updated values for changing insurance companies and, especially now, marketable cash value to sell their jewelry to need immediate needs. In essence, we are functioning at a Minimum Basic Operational level to assist those clients and will continue to do so until a “pause” is required.  That could be at any moment.

During this time, please do everything possible keep healthy (wash hands frequently), love and take care of your families.  As situations change, we will be sure to pass it on.

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Gemcorp's Response to CoVid-19

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Lab-Created Diamonds

Gem quality, Lab-created diamonds are now available and making a big splash in the marketplace
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Time to check a few thing besides your clocks!

The Spring and Fall time change is a great reminder for some other regular maintenance tasks
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